Data: 11.09.2019 13:08

Autor: Monte

Tutaj tekst o cenzurze i wpływu pewnych (((NGOsów))) na wolność słowa oraz jak bardzo wpływają na internet, a nawet zwykłych jutuberów na przykładzie PewDiePie na dole jest wideo. Tekst po angielsku bo nie chce mi się tłumaczyć

"PewDiePie hits 100,000,000 subscribers.

Makes a 100mil subscriber special.

Donates $50k to ADL.

Fanbase rightfully confused, as ADL was instrumental in getting his Disney deal canceled and has attacked him on numerous occasions.

Mods blame on "alt-right trolls" when facts getting pointed out.

Delete comments.

Online censorship demonstrated in realtime to largest viewerbase of any entertainer on the planet.

Pewds isn't being blackmailed, he's removing every last shred of doubt and paranoia about what Silicon Valley is doing. He's showing 101,000,000+ viewers what they do in real time, how they're out to control the narrative, and they're not even afraid to do it to him. It cost him less than 1 video's-worth of ad revenue, and less than one week's-worth of the ADL's operating costs, to do it."

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