Problem ze szczęściem - imho fantastyczny tekst [eng]

Data: 04.05.2019 17:37

Autor: szymon

A new science of happiness has blossomed. Observing that wealth has not made people happier, some economists have proposed that Western nations should focus on happiness rather than growth. Psychologists, too, have offered formulas for well-being. Jonathan Haidt’s ideas about the sources of happiness, Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi’s concept of ‘flow’ and Richard Easterlin’s famous paradox (that even though at a given point of time greater income correlates with greater happiness, it does not follow that over time as a society gets richer its people get happier), have offered real insights. More often, we get truisms presented as great scientific discoveries. How can we separate the hype from the wisdom?

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